We don’t do a lot of tech reviews here at thecount.com and for good reason, they’re usually pretty boring. Anyway this is not even a review, it’s more of a warning to anyone considering buying the Windows 8 upgrade.

So what’s the warning already? You may want to pass on this lastest version of Windows.


I’ve been using a Macintosh for years but I am helping my sister with her Windows laptop when I decided to look into upgrading her to Windows 8, I could not believe all of the horrible reviews Windows 8 received on the Best Buy website.

The number 1 problem with W8 seemed to be the huge learning curve imposed on users switching from Windows 7 to 8.

The number 2 biggest problem people seem to have was their apps didn’t work after they upgraded to W8.

And the 3rd biggest problem was a tie between the new “Tiles” being called a “worthless eyesore” and  W8 slowing down people’s computers to a crawl after it was installed.

Some of the reviews were extremely harsh, calling Windows 8 the worst version of Windows ever.

What’s great about it: Nothing
What’s not so great: Can’t find anything, tiles are useless eyesores
Warning: This upgrade does not play well with users.

We recently bought a laptop with Windows 8 on it. I have spent the last week trying to figure this messed up, ridiculous system out! I’ve been using and upgrading Microsoft Windows since I was 13 years old, and this is BY FAR the most non user friendly version I have ever had the misfortune to run across. Not only is it not intuitive, it’s designed to limit your access to the inner working and setting of your computer so that you, as the user, are even less capable of managing your technology.

For example: I tried opening a text document to start working on a grocery list. I couldn’t find it in the tile section. The desktop no longer has a start menu that lists all the programs. I tried looking through my computer, I ran a search in files using the terms text, document, and finally Microsoft. Instead of any type of document that I could write on, I got: a book by an author I’ve never read and a VERY insistent app for a reader that popped up no less that six times in ten minutes trying to force me to install a reader that I didn’t even want. I finally found something called Windows Journal by right clicking inside of my computer>my documents and got the option, only to discover that it’s designed for a touch screen, which my laptop is not. I finally gave up after a half hour of navigating through useless tile after useless tile.

If your main purpose in using a computer is to surf the net, watch movies, and play games, then you shouldn’t mind the limiting changes that Microsoft has made to your access to your PC. I would never voluntarily upgrade to Win8, not after playing with it for a while.

Save your money and skip this upgrade. Windows 8 is the absolutely worst user interface that I have EVER had the misfortune to use. We’re actually going to downgrade back to Windows 7.


What’s great about it: Very little
What’s not so great: learning curve and slowed down a high end computer.

Spent 2-3 hrs with MS support on a hptouchsmart 8 g 1tg nice system ruined by Win 8 and if I click to go back will have to reload all programs, comp runs slow many sites are not ready for exp 10. I am no longer. Even a tech support guy at another company upgraded and agreed.

No, I would not recommend this to a friend.

Double ouch.

Do you use Windows 8? How does it work for you?