A dozen families involved in the Colorado movie massacre will share in 70% of $5 million collected in donations after a mediator finally completed the tast of assigning the funds. The other 30% is said to go to folks who suffered physical injuries.



The families of the 12 people killed in the Aurora shooting massacre — along with several people who suffered permanent injuries in the attack — will split the majority of the $5 million in donations raised to assist the victims of the attack.

A mediator tasked with dividing the funds has announced the above-mentioned people will split 70% of the funds — roughly $200k each.

The mediator says the rest of the cash will go to people who suffered physical injuries — the more severe the injury, the more money they will receive.

Aside from the 12 people killed, 58 people were wounded in the July 20 shooting in Aurora, CO.

The mediator says … due to limited funds, none of the money will go toward people who did not require overnight hospitalization … and the cash will NOT be used to aid theater-goers who were physically unharmed, but claim they suffer from mental trauma.

As for the shooter James Holmes, he’s still in custody facing murder charges.