WATAUGA COUNTY, NC — Cops can not explain how a huge tombstone, in the shape of a cross, fell on a little girl, killing her Friday night.

The grave marker mysteriously tipped from its perch striking the youth, Peyton Townsend, as she was playing in the grave yard after Sunday School in the community of Deep Gap. Cops say a one-thousand-pound cross fell and struck her, killing her instantly.


“Never seen, and can’t ever recall ever hearing of anything like this,” said Mark Parson, Fire Chief of the Deep Gap Volunteer Fire Department. The chief is talking about the sheer size of the cross, so large, it would be impossible to tip over, without the help of a forklift or crane.

Cops said several children went to play in the cemetery after Bible School when the accident struck.

The girl’s father is a Highway patrol trooper and her mother is a paramedic. Both parents were there at the time of the accident and worked to save their little girl but sadly, she was pronounced dead at the scene.

“I would call it a freak accident. We don’t know what the next minute holds, but we do know who the higher power is,” said Parsons.