Hollywood is a funny business and by funny I mean treacherous. A lot of us grew up watching Erin Moran play Joanie Cunningham  on “Happy Days” — but these days as far as Hollywood is concerned, she might as well be dead.  Now our Happy Days friend is currently living in a sad, broken down trailer park in Indiana.


Moran was tossed out from her California home, forcing her to move into a trailer park in New Salisbury, Indiana.

Since her “Happy Days” heyday, in 1982, Hollywood has since given the actress few opportunities and the now 51-year-old has downsized her entire life, making appearances at local Indiana bars.

A judge recently ruled that Moran and her “Happy Days” co-stars will be permitted to sue CBS and Paramount Studios, in attempts to regain royalties for sales of “Happy Days” DVD sets. If the group succeeds, unpaid royalties are only worth between $250,000 to $500,000 which they would have to split 10 ways.

Erin cheer up! At least your autograph is still worth $40!!