“Mr. Trololo”, who gained instant fame from a video that was uploaded of him singing the strange Russian song “Trololo” on a TV show back in 1976, has passed away.

Back in 2010, people just couldn’t get enough of the singer Eduard Khil, singing the Trololo song in that funny suit, with that silly face and doing those hilarious gestures. This crazy combo made the Trololo video a viral sensation on YouTube. Numerous spin-off videos and remixes were created from the original Trololo video, and sure enough, Khil was getting the break of his life!

Who would have thought, 30-something years later, Khil gets international fame on the Internet, because of an old video of him singing on a Russian TV show, was uploaded to YouTube! It’s kind of amazing.

Khil got to enjoy a re-surge of fame, gaining international attention from his ressurrected Trololo video, before passing away a couple years later.


Khil passed on Sunday night. The cause of death was not immediately reported, but Khil did suffer from a bad stroke a month prior.

RIP Trololo! Thanks for bringing the world joy and laughter!