Drew Barrymore was once married in Vegas, at the “Little White Wedding ‘Drive-Thru’ Chapel”, while relaxing in the back of a limo.

A church in Ft. Lauderdale, FL is now offering convenient ‘prayer services’ via drive-thru, just like the Vegas Chapel or like a hamburger joint, and the best part is, is that it’s free.


Christian Life Center of Ft. Lauderdale opens their drive-thru up on Fridays, where church volunteers await random people who need help praying about various situations going on in their lives.

The church’s Outreach Pastor Sol Levy, tells the Sun-Sentinel, that ‘many who pass through have never been inside a church and are often at the end of their rope’. People just pull up in their cars, then they stop and pray whilst sitting in their car, and then they’re off on their ‘hopefully’ merry way.

The drive-thru praying service has been open for about a month, and the church says they’ve prayed with about 150 people so far.