Courtney Love is back on one of her drug binge Twitter rants, and this time, she is accusing former “Nirvana” band member Dave Grohl, who is now the star of successful band “Foo Fighters”, of hitting on Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

Grohl was Kurt Cobain’s best friend, and the two both came up the fame ropes together, from starting Nirvana in Seattle, WA, and making it all the way to Hollywood. Love met Cobain when he was already famous, and some say, Love was possibly the cause of Cobain’s tragic death.


Love was in one of ‘those’ moods yesterday, where she wanted to take a stab at someone- ANYONE… and Grohl was the victim of the day. Love tweeted from a private Twitter account, where she goes by the name @cbabymichelle . She was tweeting who she thought was Dave Grohl’s Twitter account, but according to Gawker, ‘that’ Dave Grohl (@DaveGrohl) account is not the Foo Fighters Dave Grohl, but some ‘German IT guy who hasn’t tweeted in years’.

Frances Bean Cobain, was not present in this immature Twitter rant, but she was the main topic. Frances doesn’t even live with her Mom Courtney, as she moved in with her Grandma years ago after she got a restraining order on Love.

It Love’s Twitter rant, she says she has ‘sources’ that prove Grohl, who “had that (Mitt) Romney rape thing about him”, did in fact hit on Frances, just like he did to Love and all of her friends. There’s a lot more she says, but I’ll let you read the photos of her tweets AT YOUR OWN RISK! She’s a negative nelly that’s for sure!