Actress and singer Hilary Duff, admits that she is struggling with getting her perfect body back like it was before her pregnancy.

Duff had a baby boy on March 20, and she is already laser focused on getting in good shape again. Yesterday, Duff tweeted her frustration with her weight gain, stating, “20 minutes on the elliptical seems like an eternity!!! What the hell….”


Duff even expressed that she couldn’t believe her husband, pro hockey player Mike Comrie, was even still with her, stating, “Eek surprised I still have a husband!! It was time to throw them heels on ;) guurl.”

Duff definitely has her mind on getting hot again, as she’s already working out, putting heels back on, and just got her hair done.

Duff then tweeted a photo of her fresh hairdo, just minutes after leaving her salon, stating, “Just got my hair did…Feelin fresh!'”.

Good for her, trying to get back in shape again, but we wonder if she should take more time off since she just had a baby boy? That’s girls for ya!