Sugar the deaf cat jumped out of a window 19 floors up and when she landed she walked away… Apparently the genius cat owner left the window open in her home which just happened to be located in a high-rise building in Boston. The fluffy little freak thought it a good idea to chase a bug or some shit like that and instead took a 200 foot plunge.

Cool part about this story is not really so much that Sugar lived but more so that the little heathen coasted down like a flying squirrel before landing and then looking back up at her horrified owner and flipping her off…The know-it-all Animal Rescue League of Boston guy said of the whole ordeal, “You could see the impact crater where she actually did hit the ground and she actually lost some fur in the hole, too. It managed to hit that small patch of mulch, so it was very soft ground,”  said government check. “Considering what she had been through, she was in really good shape.”So how many of her 9 lives did Sugar use up on this one? Comment below :)