DirectTV doesn’t want to pay Newscorp, the owner of FX, the amount of money Newscorp thinks they deserve to stay with DTV, so sadly enough it looks like Newscorp is going to bite the bullet, and FX will be dropped from DirectTV on November 1.

My prediction for the fate of FX is: If Newscorp/FX doesn’t accept the new deal to be on DirectTV, shows like Sons of Anarchy, It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia and the new Charlie Sheen program “Anger Management”, will be uploaded illegally all over YouTube. People are going to make sock accounts (fake email addresses) and upload FX shows! It will take at least a couple days for YouTube to find the illegally uploaded shows, they will take them down, and at this point, the viewers will have already seen their desired FX show for free.

Does Newscorp think that all of their FX viewers are going to buy another ‘FX provider’? Like people will just leave DirectTV for Dish Network? I dislike Dish like many other other people, but at the same time I love FX. Would you cancel DirectTV just because FX is no longer available? No, you are going to figure out a bootleg option, or watch it on regular cable in the other room like I will be doing… but I guess if you are FX Sports watcher you may possibly consider changing your provider.


Something that the old generation of power does not understand, is that the people will see their fav FX shows or any other show/movie WHERE EVER THEY CAN SEE THEM i.e. illegally free on the Internet.

So Newscorp, will you stay apart of DirectTV by taking a little pay cut like most regular Americans, or will you leave DTV and lose your amazing FX fans who will soon be watching FX shows free on the Net? Lose DirectTV, then you lose your fans and you lose more money in the long run rather then taking this smaller amount now!

Don’t let this become an epidemic for your employees Rupert!

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