It’s the old one-two punch, it all started with doctors prescribing Vicodin and the like for everything from a hangnail to a crooked smile and that’s about the time that banks started plotting and soon programming the news with “the perfect time to refinance”. Many of us bought it hook, line and sedative.

At this point the amount of folks hooked on prescription drugs is an absolute crisis-epidemic, just ask the prosperous bottom-feeder physicians who are at the ready to treat you for your addiction.


Bring in the big guns. These days it’s millions of Americans hooked on, “the look, the feel of Oxycontin, the sadness of your life”. Stunning to think doctors in concert with the government drug companies have willfully over medicated everyone from teenagers to geriatrics for decades. Many doctors are now so brazen they insist insurance-poor customers pay cash for every monthly visit simply for purpose of the exchanging an opiate prescription.

Your pricy TV set is there, all along, hanging on your wall, constantly selling you those corny but effective drug commercials and worse, much worse, presenting sponsored stories as real news. Thank goodness major news outlets have been coming under major scrutiny by the people, via Facebook and Twitter, who now insist that only “news worthy stories” be produced and broadcast and not “sponsored news” that amounts to basically a crafty commercial presented in a news format, paid-for by some nefarious entity, whom your best interests are of no concern, getting your money however is their goal.

“All these politicians and old guys dressed in expensive black hats looking out at a office view suited for god himself have at some point decided they needed to drug the American people first in order to swedish-muscle their pockets empty, so I ask you, do you really want to be a part of that song and dance anymore?” Word of random Wall Street protestor.

I see you’re pissed.

What can you do right now?

If you’re on pills, get yourself a 1000 count over-the-counter bottle of Tylenol and hunker down for a few weeks. Some docs will tell people interested in quitting that they may go into convolutions and die unless you take more drugs, but many are not believing all that, I am here to tell you that, if you stop for god sakes stop and incorporate an exercise program, soon you will feel like a kid again wondering why the hell you ever started taking pills in the first place. Good luck. Comment.