My family vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida has been fun and relaxing. My parents and I are doing as little as possible! Our highlights of the day are laying by the pool and beach, working out and eating fresh seafood for dinner! We hit the mall occasionally for yogurt and to play at the funpark.

Last night we got to meet up with my Cousin Michael and his family in Destin, FL. We found out that the fam was staying just a town over from us, so we made plans for dinner. Michael cooked us a homemade dinner- Seafood Gumbo, a side of fresh grilled Jumbo Shrimp, an assorted Olive Salad and real Key Lime Pie for dessert! We were quite surprised by his cooking skills!


Michael’s wife Liliana took some photos with her amazing Nikon camera. I don’t know what the model or make is, but every photo looks studio quality. Thanks Lili! Here our some photos from our trip so far: