Seems like everyone in the entertainment business is trying to find a way to make an extra buck these days!
The latest offering from classic rock trio The Police isn’t even music or a tour, it’s Synchronicity Red Wine, so in essence, you won’t be able to attend a singalong but if you drink enough of it, you might end up singing all by yourself!

The Police have teamed up with the award-winning Wines That Rock and Winemaker Mark Beaman to announce their new project, a premium red wine blend inspired by their classic album Synchronicity – “Great Tasting Wines Inspired by the Music of the Police”.


The advertisement for this brown bag offering tell us to “Uncork the taste of The Police’s SYNCHRONICITY with Wines That Rock – a revolutionary wine experience!” Revolutionary? you still drink it and get a buzz right?

The advert goes on to state, “The Synchronicity Red Blend is a unique wine crafted to reflect the essence of the iconic album.” Okay, so are they trying to say this rocking vino tastes like vinyl?

Winemaker Mark Beaman had this to say about this crafty varietal. “Sting’s unique vocals sent me searching for something special and powerful for the wines ‘voice’.” I have a deal for you Mark, ship me some of this wine and I will tell you if it touches me like Sting’s powerful, um, voice touches me.

Sting performs in concert with London’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Bercy in Paris on September 30, 2010.

There’s a great old story Sting loves to tell about how he knew he had become wildly famous and to make a long story short, when Sting heard a window washer outside his hotel room window humming ‘Roxanne’, he knew he “had arrived.” I wonder how Sting is going to feel when he sees his first wino in the gutter drinking Synchronicity! “Roxanne, You don’t have to drink all that red wine.” That’s catchy.