Granny Shoots Boy 12, Boy Gets Arrested

 Granny Shoots Boy 12, Boy Gets Arrested

CHICAGO – The elderly are mad as hell and showing it in potentially lethal ways these days. Margaret Matthews, 68, was so fed-up with a neighborhood boy terrorizing her that she decided to bust a cap in the brat.


Reportedly the boy had been throwing bricks into her home and the badass granny got all Clint Eastwood on his ass. The boy will live, however, he may never live-down being shot by an old lady.

Witnesses say the kid was known as a classic bully type on the block and most were glad the bad seed was put in his place. Now comes the kicker, it’s the boy that will face charges over the incident and granny will get off scotfree successfully claiming self defense! The bully will now have to answer to charges of aggravated assault to a senior citizen in juvenile court.

The parents of the boy responded “My son wouldn’t do that.”

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