Mel Gibson was formally interviewed by Child Protective Services earlier today. The meeting was said to have lasted a long few hours. Mel is in this situation because his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, claims that back on January 6th of this year, Mel punched her while she was holding their now 8 month year-old baby girl, and the baby was hit too.

Mel said he did not punch her or the baby, although there is a picture of Oksana’s front teeth veneers busted off, and a picture of the baby with a scratch on her chin. Oksana’s dentist is siding with her, and he signed a sworn statement that her ‘front teeth were damaged by tremendous force’. Oksana also went to her doctor around the same time, and her diagnosis was a “concussion” from Mel’s so-called hit to her head. Her doctor has not yet come forward in the case with a signed statement like her dentist. Mel’s reps say that Oksana is just trying to extort him in this whole ordeal.