When I first saw that Rachel McAdams (The Notebook) was going star alongside Channing Tatum (Dear John, Fighting), I was hoping the movie was going to be set in a cool town, and would revolve around their fun and interesting lives. I wouldn’t have guessed the movie was going to be about the two getting married, getting rear-ended by a semi truck, Rachel losing her memory and the rest of the film being about her trying to regain her memory.

I was hoping Rachel would play either a stripper, a hot townie or just a bad girl. Channing would still be the love interest, but they wouldn’t be married. I was just hoping it would be a hot and sexy movie with them, but it sounds like another sad story for “The Vow”.


Rachel McAdams Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum to Play Married Couple in The Vow
Rachel McAdams

Shooting starts for the movie in September in Toronto.