Mel Gibson has called it quits on America, selling his house near New York, listing his Malibu home and buying a plane ticket bound for his home country of Australia and get this, he won’t go it alone, Gibson is moving with his Ex Wife Robyn! Sounds like the Ex, who supported Mel recently by coming out in the press to defend him, is back in the ointment herself by pairing back up with Gibson for a return trek to the outback.


Mel won’t be gone for long as he will certainly be required come back stateside to attend his custody battle and to face charges that he physically and verbally assaulted his former girlfriend and the mother of his child, Oksana Grigorieva.

Gibson sold his home, known as the Old Mill Farm, located near New York, for a cool $28 Million, however, it was $17 million less than the asking price and his Malibu home, known as the Lavender Hill Farm, is listed for $17 Million. Any takers?