A Jury ordered a 25-year-old student to pay a hefty fine totaling $675,000 to record companies for admitting he shared 30 songs online.

Joel Tenenbaum was sued by the RIAA calling him, “a hardcore, habitual, long-term infringer who knew what he was doing was wrong.”


Although the case focused on only 30 songs, Tenenbaum is believed to have downloaded and shared more than 800 songs, however, the RIAA chose to focus on 30.

According to federal law, record companies can receive, as much as $150,000 per track in damages from such violators if it is found the actions were willful.  If not deemed willful, $750 to $30,000 can be awarded.

If you’re keeping score it’s 2 for 2 in favor of the RIAA, this being only the second case to be brought against an individual. Last month, a jury ruled 32-year-old, Jammie Thomas-Rasset, 32, to pony up $1.92 million for infringing on 24 songs.