vlcsnap 596354 Director Apatow Refused to Cut 1/2 Hour of “Funny People” Staring Wife

Even though Universal Executives were on their hands and knees begging director, Judd Apatow to shorten the aguishly long “Funny People” it fell on deaf ears.


At a running time of over 2 hours and 25 minutes, the Comedy-Drama “Funny People” starring a cold running Adam Sandler, may have been saved a very soft box office opening by trimming off some of the fat, however Apatow sternly refused.

Word on the street is Universal deplored Apatow to cut the final half hour of the flick, in an effort to make the movie more digestible to theater audiences. Maybe it is just a coincidence that the final half hour stars Apatow’s wife, Leslie Mann.

Well Universal may not have a hit movie on their hands but at least Apatow will be sleeping in his own bed and not on the couch.