Danny and Will pet the dead kitties

I defame most things but it’s hard to touch Danny Mcbride or Will Ferrell because I think they are the cat’s meow. However with that in mind, the euthanasia bit they did with the dead kitties was one of the most awkward funny moments of the night. Up until Jim Carrey accepted the his award for best lead in a comedy and did a voice over bit that was pretty hilarious.


Hayden panettiere and the chewing gum guy

Hayden Panettiere gave an expletive filled presentation with Chewing Gum Rapper Big Pack that was remniscent of Natalie Portman’s digital short which was classic. Hayden cursing was rough because she is so sweet. She saves dolphins, she would never drop an f-bomb right?

Kristen Stewart is an clumsy as Bella

Twilight won almost 90% of the Popcorn Awards handed out tonight. And everytime we were forced to watch Kristen or Rob squirm through speech after speech. The icing on the vampire cake was when Kristen came up to accept the award for Best Female and the poor thing fumbled through her speech while Cameron Diaz stood semi shocked in the background. Then Kristen drops the award on the floor and Cameron rushes over to pick it up for her. After Kristen confirmed her awkwardness and stumbled away, I decided it was time to air out my feelings of awkwardness on this dear site.