Megan Fox may be the next Lara Croft

megan fox300a Megan Fox may be the next Lara Croft

Dan Lin,producer of “Terminator Salvation”, chatted with about the new Tomb Raider movie that is currently in development.


“¦It’s a great origin story that we’re going to tell¦ more character orientated, more realistic than the past Lara Croft movies¦ It is an origin story, so it is a younger Lara Croft¦

An origin story huh? This means that Angelina’s “old” ass is out and they can swiftly move Megan Fox into the titular role of Lara Croft. However origin story’s are lighter in action and heavier on acting, so I wonder if Fox is ready for a more profound character.

Perhaps they can throw Angie a cameo like Spock Prime in Star Trek. Maybe instead of passing the torch, she could pass the push up bra and daisy dukes.