Teri Shileds, 75, mother of actress, Brooke Shields, was checked out of a New Jersey nursing home by tabloid reporters, says Brooke Shields.

Brooke told PEOPLE she is “Outraged” and “I intend to take every lawful action against all who were involved or who authorized this despicable act.” Brooke went on to say, “My mother Teri Shields has been diagnosed with dementia. For her safety, she has temporarily been in a senior living facility, a very difficult decision for me…” then “Late Thursday afternoon, I was alerted by Old Tappan Police that my mother had been signed out of the facility by two reporters of the National Enquirer … who falsely claimed they were friends of hers.”


Police located Teri at a restaurant adjacent to the home where she is housed, where she was chatting with “some sort of journalist” cops said. Teri was not harmed in any way and was retruned to the home. Police stated that they are looking into why the facility let Teri go with the men and if any protocol was violated or not.

Chances are the reporters did nothing illegal by removing elder Sheilds from the home. It would be more along the lines of “permission” and whether or not the Shields family gave such visitation instructions to facility staff.

Illegal or not, the move by reporters does seem to take reporting to a questionable level. Popular tabloid “National Enquirer”, released a statement stating, “A freelance reporter who has known Teri Shields for more than 10 years visited her Thursday at the assisted living facility where Brooke says she moved her. Teri asked the reporter to take her out to lunch and to run some errands. The freelance reporter then got permission from the facility to do so.”

Others are asking what Teri Shields is doing in a rest home in the first place. One would expect someone like Brooke Shields would be able to arrange for her mother to be in home care. Teri Shield was instrumental in making her daughter famous, managing Brooke meticulously to superstardom. Now to learn Teri he has been placed in a facility is quite sad. Brooke spoke of placing her mother in assisted living, “a very difficult decision for me.” The tougher choice is to keep the parent at home, where they belong, and just deal. Having the sick parent housed in a place foreign to them, especially when dementia is in play, can make matters much worse for the ailing parent, while alleviating the situation for the healthy people still living at home, it really is the equivalent of “carting them off, out of sight, out of mind.”