2009 0202 ap oprah crazyface  Oprah Promotion of Acai Berry Hurting Rainforest

Oprah Winfrey single-handedly turned a little know purple fruit from the Brazilian rainforest in to a overnight sensation and in the process caused a demand for the fruit that is depriving natives of badly needed protein and other nutrients derived from the fruit.


After Oprah aired a show about the benefits of Acai, Americans have been buying the stuff up like there is no tomorrow, problem is, it is becoming more and more expensive to produce and difficult to come by. This is a real shame as poor Brazilian folks who depend on the berry to supplement their other wise lousy diets. The berry is rich in protein, twice that of eggs and milk, pound for pound, Acai also contains high levels of vitamins E and B1, potassium, iron and calcium.

Oprah’s people are saying they have no vested interest in the Acai’s production or sale, however, Oprah did, without a doubt, bring this product in to the spotlight in a major way. Maybe it’s time for Oprah to do a another show on Acai, this time telling people to donate to the World Rainforest Fund