I’ve thought about it…as every girl has thought about it. Is becoming a lesbian better than dealing with guys who HAVE NO CLUE what women really want and think? haha. Why aren’t guys mind readers–since they claim to have super special powers like Luke Skywalker!!!

Lindsay Lohan is proving over and over again that being with a lesbian, and a scary lesbian with no boobs at that, is a sheer waste of energy and time.


Im pretty sure Michael Lohan is going to blog any moment- mention us Michael!! ha

Lindsay, WAKE UP. Its really tiring. Obviously you guys ARE fighting because this is the 10th time in the last week I’ve seen a different report, in a different place about it. I know sometimes the media is making things up, but sometimes it’s not… get your act together. Make some good movies.Watch Dakota Fanning…she seems to know how to handle fame.   This relationship you have is a joke to a lot of people because if you fight like this—it means you are not compatible..no matter what crazy crap is going on in the bedroom. Honestly… my worst relationship with a guy was still angelic compared to yours.

Perez reports

LezLo attempted to surprise girlfriend saMAN at Ronson’s DJ gig at Prive Nightclub in Las Vegas on Monday night, but Ronson was not having any of that shit!

After incessant arguing in the DJ booth, Ronson bailed on Linds around 3 am before the matters had a chance to get too publicly heated. By the time Lez had her fill of pAArtying, saMAN was long gone!!

Spies caught “a panicked-looking Lindsay [racing] out to her car with a drink in her hand,” screeching at the security, “Did she leave in her car??? Did she fucking leave???”

Lez ditched her drink and then hopped into her Mercedes SL550, speeding into the night in search of saMAN!

Wait, wait!

Was the hard-pAArtying starlet drinking and driving???


Lohan’s 2007 DUI in Beverly Hills when she crashed her Mercedes on a Sunset Blvd. curb was supposedly due to a bust-up between the two – will history repeat itself???