Today in L.A., we were searching for somewhere to eat lunch, and a swarm of about 10 paparazzi were buzzing around the vicinity of “La Brea Bakery” and “Campanile” restaurant. We get out of the car and they start shooting pics of us! Were we the celebrities???

So we went into the restaurant “Campanile” to check out their menu. Low and behold; Don Johnson! Yes! 80’s legend Miami Vice Don Johnson! Where has he been? He looked great! Don was not sporting a signature white suit; he was flossin it in a tan suit and still hot! He was casually eating lunch with a few other people.


We walked out of the restaurant and the paparazzi started shooting us again! They asked us if we saw Liv Tyler. The whole pap squad was there for Liv. They didn’t even know Don was around! Guess we missed her, but we spotted Don Johnson dead on! Love it!