Paris Hilton is “seen in a state of arousal in a New York taxi” in the footage, according to explosive new book called “Six Degrees of Paris Hilton,” byMARK EBNER.



This is just the beginning of the “tell all” book about Paris Hilton and the six degrees of people in her life.

The “Six Degrees of Paris Hilton” book is the story of DARNELL RILEY, a man who took ‘Girls Gone Wild’ millionaire JOE FRANCIShostage at gunpoint, went on wild nights out with MICKEY ROURKE and boxed with Rick Salomon (Rick is the first Paris porn tape guy)- all of who he connects back to Paris.

This psycho-stalker-stealing-idiot, Darnell Riley, is currently serving time in prison for trying to blackmail Joe Francis. Riley is saying some crazy stuff about things that Paris has done:

1. Darnell claims he bought 14 hours of video of Hilton from two “Russian kids” who had stolen it when they broke into her home.

2. As well as the racy footage, he says there are also excerpts from Paris’ grandmother’s funeral. Darnell claims: “She is sitting in the church shooting video of herself. She is paying no attention to the eulogy.

3. “Paris has greasy BRANDON DAVIS film her when she gets up to say goodbyes to her grandmother.”

OOOOOOHHHHH sounds like some weird and interesting juice! Where is the taxi video? What does Paris or Brandon Davis have to say about this?

“Six Degrees of Paris Hilton” will be on shelves next month.

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