“Shooting Michael Moore” is a new movie critical of filmmaker Michael Moore. The film was put together by a schoolmate of Moore, Kevin Leffler. It now appears “We The People” are not being given the chance to see the film much less to decide for ourselves.

“It was listed, and now it’s not, and, obviously, the pressure got to them. Wow, amazing — that he [Moore] was able to move a national theater chain like that,” Leffler told reporters.


The flick was supposed to begin a one-week run in Traverse City, however, pressure put on Carmike’s Horizon Cinemas (a national chain of movie houses) by Moore and his people, has directly caused its cancellation. Moore organized a press conference to send a strong message that showing the movie would equal large numbers of Moore supporters picketing in front of every box office. It’s clear the movie chain folded under the pressure and who can blame them in these difficult times.

Moore, who is an Oscar winner for such hard hitting documentaries as Bush bashing “Fahrenheit 9/11″, “Bowling for Columbine” and the GM Motors thrashing “Rodger And Me” obviously did not like the idea of Leffler making a film about him, Leffler is a buddy of Moore from his school days.

The film must contain some steak amongst the sizzle to embolden Moore and his cronies to make such a call to arms. One Moore employee, Jeff Gibbs told reporters he thought the film went a little too far. Gibbs who was hired by Moore for “Fahrenheit” and ” Columbine” promised his own protest if the film was shown. Gibbs also knew Leffler from school.

How ironic of Michael Moore to go to these measures to stop the truth or at least a version of the truth from being told. The same man who has basically made a fortune exposing others in the very same way.

Leffler was not shy about blaming Moore for pressuring the theater to pull the film and “silencing a voice that he [Moore] did not want to come out.”

I personally have always been a big fan of Michael Moore, but now I feel his double standards are suspect at best. What is he so afraid of? what’s really in this movie that has got the unshakable, shake in his boots? Now I want to see this movie more than ever.