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on November 30, 2017

Gomer Pyle Jim Nabors DEAD Andy Griffith Show Actor Singer Was 87

Jim Nabors, who is best known for his role as Gomer Pyle on ‘The Andy Griffith Show,’ died Thursday at the age of 87.

His husband confirmed the news to the Associated Press.

Veteran producer Phil Arnone told Hawaii News Now that Nabors passed away around 3 a.m.

In addition to a lengthy TV and film career, Nabors also performed Back Home Again in Indiana at the Indianapolis 500 nearly every year between 1972 and 2014.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends at this difficult time.

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on November 30, 2017

Two Texas Mothers Seeking Missing 15-Year-Old Daughters

VIA: The mothers of two missing Southeast Texas girls are both desperately searching and waiting for their daughters to return home.

15-year-old Heaven Ray Cox from Mauriceville was last seen on November 25, while 15-year-old Autumn Rice from Beaumont has been missing since October 30.

Tammy Cox, Heaven’s mom says it was heartbreaking she didn’t see her daughter in their Mauriceville home on Sunday morning.

“It’s total shock, total shock. We did not see it coming,” Cox said.

“Mainly we don’t have any answers at all, we have no name, no face to whoever she’s with,” Cox said. Continue reading

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on November 29, 2017

NJ Babysitter Bought 6-Year-Old Dress, Stockings, Before Assaulting Her At Motel

Jonathan Tavara-Nima, the former babysitter of a 6-year-old girl, has admitted he sexually assaulted her at a motel after telling the child’s mother he was taking her to a movie.

Authorities say the victim’s family had hired Tavara-Nima through a website. But he continued to show up at the girl’s home after his employment ended, sometimes uninvited.

Union County prosecutors said Tuesday Jonathan Tavara-Nima pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault. The 31-year-old Elizabeth man faces a minimum of 25 years in prison when he’s sentenced Jan. 26. Continue reading

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on November 29, 2017

WATCH: Bill Clinton Rape Victims Storm Al Franken Office And All Hell Breaks Loose

Melanie Morgan is a radio personality who claims that she was sexually assaulted by Senator Al Franken 17 years ago after a taping of Bill Maher’s show “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Earlier today she, along with two of Bill Clinton’s alleged rape victims Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey, stormed Al Franken’s senate office in D.C. and demanded his resignation. Things got heated.


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on November 29, 2017

Top Chef Johnny Iuzzini Accused Of Sexual Harassment By 4 Former Employees

Johnny Iuzzini has been accused of sexual harassment and abuse by four former employees in a new Mic report published on Wednesday.

The 43-year-old pastry chef and former Top Chef: Just Desserts judge is being accused of various abusive acts while working at the Jean-Georges restaurant in New York City, including reportedly sticking his tongue in one pastry chef’s ear on several occasions, who later resigned.

“I am shattered and heartbroken at the thought that any of my actions left members of my team feeling hurt or degraded. More importantly, I am deeply sorry to those who felt hurt. I certainly deny the allegations, as presented to me, that I ever had a drug problem, threw an empty nitrogen canister at anyone or that I left Jean-Georges on anything other than good terms (I provided three months’ notice and maintain a good relationship with chef and mentor Jean-Georges to this day),” he wrote in a statement. Continue reading

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on November 29, 2017

Meet Bahtiyar Duysak, The Man Who Deactivated President Donald Trump’s Twitter Account

Techcrunch conducted an interview with the man who allegedly deactivated president Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

Bahtiyar Duysak was fired from Twitter after deactivating the president’s beloved Twitter account in an incident that made worldwide news.

We were among those looking for the contractor, and through a string of events found out his name, Bahtiyar Duysak, and got him to agree to talk to us in a town in Germany.

Duysak, a twenty-something with Turkish roots who was born and raised in Germany, was working as a contractor for a fixed term for the last part of his stay in the U.S. under a work and study visa. In addition to his role at Twitter with Pro Unlimited, other assignments had included stints in monetization at Google and YouTube via another contractor, Vaco. Continue reading

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on November 29, 2017

Suspect Pictured In Murder Of 22-Year-Old GA Postal Worker Tyrika Terrell

The DeKalb County, Ga., Police Department has identified the suspect wanted for the murder of 22-year-old postal worker Tyrika Terrell.

Police are searching for 22-year-old Quantez D’Ante Tyre. Officials said Tyre killed Terrell at 6 p.m. Monday after he waited outside of her job at the U.S. Post Office on Wesley Chapel Road in Decatur.

Police said Tyre fled on foot toward Wesley Chapel Road and is considered armed and dangerous.

Continue reading

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on November 29, 2017

Who Is Lori Klausutis? And Did Morning Joe Scarborough Really MURDER HER?

With recent attacks on President Donald Trump and accusations of threats of blackmail by Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, the daughter of the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission Zbigniew Brzezinski. Some information about Scarborough’s past has come to surface.

No matter what you believe about the exchange between Trump and the two MSNBC hosts the following information is more important than allegations of behavior between the two because it involves the death of a young intern Lori Klausutis and the subsequent cover up. I won’t be looking at the speculation of any of the drama. I draw no bias to either side or conclusion until evidence is presented instead, I’ll be examining the case of Klausutis who was found dead in Scarborough’s Fort Walton Beach office.

Scarborough used to serve as a U.S. Republican Congressman from Florida’s 1st District from 1995 – 2001, he shortly resigned five months into his fourth term in September 2001. Two months before his resignation on July 20th, 2001, his intern Lori Klausutis was found dead inside his office on his floor.

Her body was discovered by a couple who wanted to speak to Klausutis about a work permit issue they had. Continue reading

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on November 29, 2017

Katie Couric 2012 “Matt Lauer’s Most Annoying Habit?” He’s A Butt Pincher

In 2012, journalist Katie Couric said in an interview that Matt Lauer’s most annoying habit is that he pinches her on the backside on the regular.

Couric, who co-hosted the “Today” show with Lauer for over a decade, made the comments a full five years before he would be abruptly fired from NBC for sexual harassment.

Couric did not mince her words when replying to “Watch What Happens Live” host, Andy Cohen‘s 2012 question, “over the 15 years, what was Matt’s most annoying habit?”

“Well,” Couric lemented, “he pinches me on the ass a lot?” Continue reading

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on November 28, 2017

FL Mother Lori Farney Killed By Son Adam Who Also Stabbed Sister Autumn In Orange County Home

Adam Farney has been named as the Florida man who stabbed and killed his mother and wounded his sister late Monday at an Orange County home, deputies said.

Farney, 23, faces a charge of first-degree murder in the death of his mother, Lori Farney, 52. He faces an attempted murder charge in the stabbing of his sister, Autumn Farney, 23.

The domestic violence incident was reported at 10:53 p.m. in the 14000 block of Rensselaer Road, north of Lake Pickett Road.

Deputies said they were called to the home and found one woman dead on the back porch and another suffering from stab wounds. Continue reading