July 9, 2013

UK Actress BLASTED After Tweeting DRUG HUFFING Photo

Jess Wright, the start of popular UK TV program TOWIE has as been blasted by anti-drugs campaigners after Tweeting a photo huffing a balloon filled with “hippy crack” AKA nitrous oxide..Bal_M_1760411aThe young star posted a photo of herself and her girls sucking on balloons while attending a music festival.. The dangerous high was posted to 992,000 Twitter followers, mostly young fans..

Nitrous oxide huffing is hugely popular among UK festival-goers.

Drug charities said the message reality star Jess, 27, was sending out was “worrying”. Stephen Ream, director of Re-Solv, said: “Misuse of nitrous oxide has resulted in a number of deaths in the UK, and it should not be seen as harmless fun. “It is responsible for 16 deaths in the UK between 2006 and 2009, and 52 since 1971.


You get famous and then you go and tell hundreds of thousands of young people to huff drugs? WAY TO GO JESS! not..


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