Mother Straps Baby To Chest JUMPS 8 STORIES Child Lives Minor Injuries, mom not so good…

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She wrote a 13-page, handwritten suicide note on small pages of notebook paper then strapped her 10-month-old baby to her chest and jumped 8 stories to her death, the baby lived.

“The note said she was not happy and she talked about what she planned to do,” a source said. In the note, she is “saying to her husband, ‘I love you. I’m making you suffer. You’re going to think I’m evil,’” a source said. “She thinks she’s a failing mother.” On the last page, she refers to postpartum depression. She was supposed to see a therapist, but she did not. “As the note goes on, you get the idea she’s explaining why she’s going to do it,” the source added.

A Manhattan lawyer, Cynthia Wachenheim, 44, landed on her back after taking the leap, and her baby, Keston, was in a harness attached to her front. As she hit the ground the child bounced off his mom on impact and then rolled away from her motionless arms with only minor injuries.


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“I heard a small scream when she was in the air,” said witness Steven Dominguez, 18. “I noticed something falling, but I didn’t want to believe it was a person.”

Dominguez, who teared up as he spoke, said the landing made a horrifying sound.

“It was a loud bang,” he said outside the woman’s building on Bradhurst Ave. near W. 147th St. “It sounded like a big piece of wood hitting the floor.” — “When I got closer, I saw the baby crying,” he said.

Police learned — not from the note — that Wachenheim was convinced her baby had cerebral palsy, although doctors said there was nothing wrong with him, said the Daily News.

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