“Pregnant Man” Having 3rd Baby Soon!

Lisa Mason Lee - July 23, 2010


Transgender guy Thomas Beatie, “The Pregnant Man”, is getting ready to have his 3rd baby!

Pregnant Man

Before Thomas was a he, he was she named Tracie, and was a former beauty queen in Hawaii. Thomas got his sex change to a male in 2002, but kept his female organs hoping to have babies in the future!


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Preggo Man and his wife Nancy already have two kids, their daughter Susan who is 2, and their son Austin who is 1. Preggy’s got another one on the way and it is said to be past due, and he’s ready to pop any minute! Sexy picture! LOL!

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Video: Cute Baby Panda Stuck in Tree!
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  • stillnakedbullwinkle

    What the Fruck!!!!! I am so confused reading this article. So, that dude is expecting child in this picture or is that the last twelve Dominos pizzas he had in the last six weeks or both? The dude is going to have a baby? I heard of an old college room mate talk about going to bathroom and it felt like he was having a baby but come on!!! ewwwwwwwwww. I cannot believe I said that! LOL

  • John Cox

    There must be some screw loose in his mind that is why he got his sex changed.

  • Preggo Man LOL ! Now i’ve heard it all…

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