July 19, 2010

18 Year Old Gets Botox In Prep for Glee Appearance

Charice Pempengco, is the 18-year-old Filipino singer who has had fantastic success since appearing on Oprah and Ellen and now she has really gone off the deep end- Hollywood style. In an interview Pempengco admitted getting Botox injections in preparation for her appearance on the popular TV show “Glee.”

Pempengco said she wanted her naturally round face to be more narrow for her big television debut.


Do you think 18 is to young to get cosmetic procedure like Botox?

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  • http://thecount.com/members/nakedbullwinkle/ stillnakedbullwinkle

    I have heard many stories of asian men and women doing many things to their face to have european features. I am not suprised to hear this story. I saw the headline but was not surprised when someone from an asian country or the philippines indicate they do not like their facial features at all. I suspect she would like a more european look and maybe more bone structure in her face. I am guessing but we live in a strange time where you have little girls running around in beauty pagents in two piece swim suits shaking their behinds. I have a problem with that. I suspect she is already on the road of plastic surgery in an effort to feel more beautiful on the outside when she is already a beautiful woman. I love her voice and am sad to see that an eighteen year old woman with a voice of an angel feel insecure. But, we were all insecure at that age were we not? We did not have the finances or medical science to remedy any flaws with our bodies so easily as it is now. It is a sad commentary when 18 year old women are getting breast implants, botox, and some plastic surgery. What ever happened with finding beauty from within? Or am I just being to much of an idealist?

  • http://thecount.com/members/lisa/ Lisa Mason Lee

    Apparently botox prevents wrinkles before they set in.