Disney Star Debby Ryan DUI Latest In Long String Of Disney Actor Arrests

Debby Ryan, who stars in Disney Channel series “Jessie,” was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after being involved in an accident while driving her Audi in Los Angeles.

According to authorities, Ryan, 22, was driving her white 2016 Audi Wednesday in a trendy area of Los Angeles sometime after 7 p.m. on April 5 when she struck a black 2015 Mercedes, an LAPD rep said.

Debby Ryan star grown up

Police conducted field sobriety tests and determined she was under the influence, Lopez said. Continue reading

Threat Of Terror Hits Staples Center At Lakers Clippers Tip Off

TMZ is reporting that someone called police shortly before tip off at a Lakers vs Clippers game to inform them terrorists were in the crowd with bombs and guns and their mission was to kill in the name of Jihad.

TMZ claims they obtained an LAPD search warrant chronicling a chilling phone call received by an LAPD officer at 7:29 PM on January 29, 2016. According to the warrant, a “robotic voice” stated the following: “Several people in the crowd seated strategically have explosives strapped to their chest and explosives in their shoes.”


The voice went on to say, “Some of them are also strapped with Glock 18, have guns and will shoot any patron that may come in their path. Continue reading

Carson Diersing a Young and Talented Harmonica Player

Carson was only 13-years old when he signed as an artist with Daddy Real Entertainment In Indianapolis.  He is endorsed by two of the music world’s best known companiesHohner Harmonicas and Shaker Microphones. Carson is the youngest artist to be endorsed by Hohner Harmonicas.

In 2011 Carson represented the Indiana Blues Society in the youth showcase at the International Blues challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. Carson won the right to compete again at the Memphis, TN International Blues challenge in 2012.

Carson is currently working on his first album with Daddy Real Entertainment and Grammy Nominated producer, Paul Mahern.

Carson is honored to be performing at The Super Bowl Village, Sat, Feb 4th at 12:45pm in downtown Indianapolis!  He is probably the youngest musician that will be playing at the big event for the Super Bowl.   He is also super excited to be playing at The International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN, with Carson and The Spike Drivers!

I asked Carson a few questions that you all might want to know:

  1. What age did you start playing the harmonica?

I began playing when I was 8 years old.

  1.  Do you play any other instrument?

I also play guitar and sing.

  1. How long have you been playing with The Spike Drivers?

I have been playing with The Spike Drivers for a few months. We formed the band just to play at The International Blues Challenge.

  1. Who is your biggest influence in music?

I really like Jimi Hendrix.

  1.  What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

In five years, I would like to be doing something where I can skateboard, film and produce videos and play music.

Carson’s future appearances:

Indy Style’s morning show, Monday, Jan 23rd @ 9 a.m. on  Indianapolis Wish-tv.

Playing at Daddy Real’s (Indy) The Place, Friday, Jan 27th.

Carson and The Daddy Real All Star Band will be performing at Daddy Real’s The Place, Sunday, Jan 29th.

Carson and The Spike Driver will perform in Memphis, TN, Friday, Feb. 3rd at 4pm at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Performing at The Super Bowl Village, Sat Feb. 5th at 12:45pm.

Carson will also be raising money for The Indiana Diabetes Celebrity Kiss A PIG program. The campaign winner will be announced at The Indiana Pacers game, March 29th. His sister Carlynn’s Pig is the pig the celebrity will kiss.

On the last note, Carson’s profile picture was taken by the World Famous, rock photographer, Robert Knight!

You can catch up with Carson on his Facebook page and Fan Page: