Will Smith Family HILARIOUS Reaction To MILEY CYRUS Raunchy MTV Performance

Will Smith and his family caught on camera reacting to Miley Cyrus‘ raunchy performance at the MTV VMAs.. Until I viewed this instant classic of a snap, I had been trying to find the words to accurately describe Cyrus’ sleaze fest. I give up because I think their faces just about say it all..
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Will Smith Snapped With NEW Pal Justin Bieber

We made a commitment to tell it like it is here on thecount.com and we plan on keeping that commitment even if it means going after beloved characters such as the Fresh Prince, Will Smith. I have always marveled at Smith’s youthful appearance, but I must say, with a heavy heart, papa looks every one of his 44 years and maybe then some. As for Bieber, he looks like a fresh faced kid, which he just happens to be, but give him five years and who knows?

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This all looks a bit STAGED! But anyways… Midway through the third quarter of Game Five of the Heat/Bulls series last night, the Bulls had built a 9-point lead and seemed poised to push the series back to Chicago for a Game 6. As the TNT broadcast returned from a commercial break, the cameras focused in on superstars Will Smith and his son Jaden, who were sitting courtside. As Marv Albert introduced them, immediately behind them was visible a blazer that seemed to be made from a bag of tropical Skittles. source.


Katy Perry Uses ‘Castle Programming’ at 2012 Kids Choice Awards

Katy Perry, who was a guest and musical performer at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards last night, wowed everyone again with her hypnotizing outfits, and also mesmerized them with her ‘gravity defying’ musical performance.

Perry’s recent divorce with Russell Brand hasn’t seemed to cramp her style, nor has she seemed upset about the split. Perry is going on with business as usual, except for the quick change she may have made- rearranging the entire performance at last night’s Kids Choice Awards show.
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Will Smith to remake “Annie” starring daughter

Picture 323 Will Smith to remake Annie starring daughter

The sun will come out tomorrow, especially if your dad is Will Smith.

The former Fresh Prince is teaming up with Jay-Z and Sony to remake the musical “Annie” starring Smith’s daughter, Willow. The announcement by Smith’s production company Overbrook Entertainment confirmed the remake of the 1982 film. Jay-Z is credited with working on Willow’s pop hit “Whip My Hair”. Ironically, Jay-Z’s 1999 hit track “Hard Knock Life” featured a sampling from “Annie”

“Annie” would be the second remake Smith’s catered for one of his children, following son Jaden’s starring role in 2010′s “Karate Kid” remake. Co-starring Jackie Chan and Tajiri P. Henson, “Karate Kid” grossed over $176 million.

Based on the hit stage musical, “Annie” starred unknown Aileen Quinn as the adorable red headed orphan and featured Albert Finney as Daddy Warbucks.

Will Smith Daughter Willow Smith Out with Handlers Not Parents

Celebuspawn daughter “Willow”, of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, is having a break-out moment today with the video premiere of her first big single “Whip My Hair”. Willow was at BET studio in NYC for the premiere, and the channel presented her with a framed “Whip My Hair” single. She cried tears of joy. Little Willow of 9 years old has big dreams of stardom just like her Mom and Dad and even her older brother Jaden who is a star now too. Her song is pretty catchy and her pipes are good too…

Will Smith’s Son to Remake Karate Kid

Will Smith’s son, Jaden, will appear in a remake of Karate Kid, written just for him.

The 10-year-old – who’s currently a martial arts practitioner – starred with his dad in 2006′s The Pursuit of Happyness.

The script, which is still being written, will be similar to the 1984 franchise, in which a bullied kid learns to stand up for himself with the help of his quirky karate coach, according to Variety.

But instead of Hawaii, the flick will be filmed in Beijing, China, in 2009. No release date is set.

Dad Will is to serve as producer.

The presidents of Columbia Pictures told Variety they wanted to resurrect the original film series, which starred Ralph Macchio. Hilary Swank appeared in 1994′s The Next Karate Kid.

Jaden’s next sci-fi drama, The Day the Earth Stood Still, hits theaters Dec. 12. It co-stars Keanu Reaves.

Mom Jada Pinkett Smith’s animated movie, Madagascar 2, was the top earner at the box office over the weekend, raking in $63.5 million.