White House U.S. Capitol Complex On LOCKDOWN After Police Officer Shot

A U.S. Capitol is on lockdown after a Police officer was shot Monday at the Capitol Visitor Center complex. The shooter was taken into custody, Capitol officials and police said.

The event unfolded with Congress on recess and lawmakers back in their districts.


It occurred in the Visitors Center of the sprawling Capitol Complex.Staffers, reporters and others were told to “shelter in place” and not allowed to leave their offices. The White House and the Capitol complex were put on lockdown. Continue reading


The NFL‘s biggest day, Super Bowl XLIX, could get canceled if Congress doesn’t first renew a piece of legislation called: TRIA—the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act.

TRIA, a law signed into law in 2002, establishes a risk-sharing partnership between the federal government and the insurance industry and without that federal support, most insurers will be unwilling to offer coverage, which translates into no major sporting events!

Super Bowl Could Get CANCELED 4

This is no joke! It almost happened to soccer fans! Continue reading

TSA XRAY Scanners Completely Phased Out By June!

TSA has announced that x-ray scanners used to electronically secure passengers ready for flight, will be completely phased-out my June.


The TSA says the X-ray scanners will be gone by June because Rapiscan was not able to come up with a software fix to make the scanners comply with a Congressional mandate that the scanners better protect passenger privacy. Opponents of full-body scanners argue that strip searches without probable cause violate basic human rights. Governments do not have the right to make strip searches routine and mandatory, regardless of whether the strip search is done by physically removing clothes or by using technological means to remove the clothes. FOX.

Good x-ray riddance!

Chris Christie Smokes John Boehner

Holy smokes! This guy doesn’t mince his food or his words! Chris Christie leveled House Speaker John Boehner citing Congress’s decision to punt the Hurricane Sandy relief bill down the field.


Here are just some of the highlights:

* “66 days and counting. Shame on you. Shame on Congress.”

* “Unlike people in Congress, [governors] have actual responsibilities.”

* “[Boehner] hasn’t lost all credibility, but right now I think what happened last night was absolutely uncalled for. And I’ve been given no credible reason why.”

* He referred to “the Speaker’s irresponsible action in not moving on anything.”

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