Timbaland Loses 130 Pounds Posts Before And After Photo

After years of dominating the charts, mega-producer Timbaland took some time off to lose 130 pounds.

Timbaland posted a before and after picture showing his dramatic weight loss to Instagram with the following caption:

Timbaland fat

This past eight months I’ve lost over 130 pounds. With a positive mindset I knew I had to take the initiative to make myself happy and healthy. Continue reading

Justin Timberlake Handling Of German Microphone ‘All Wrong’ Say Recording Studio Pros

The moment I saw this picture of Justin Timberlake’s new deal I was like, why is he looking at his microphone with such disdain? Or is he just trying to remember what the confounded thing is? It has been a while… But seriously out of all the pictures they surely had to choose from, why this one? He looks so damn mad and confused, and for good reason, he totally forgot how to handle one of these expensive microphones found only in the world’s most exclusive studios. It is the same one Frank Sinatra used…

130124-justin-timberlakeMy recording engineer friend told me that you are NEVER supposed to grab one of these expensive German tube microphones by the ‘cage,’ always by the stand… The slightest touch can cause damage to the mic’s sensitive components even causing havoc for control room speakers and those monitoring with headphones. Come on Justin! You should know better!