Sir Patrick Stewart’s Weird Obsession With Banning Baby Strollers

Sir Patrick Stewart has admitted that he teamed up with ex-NYC Mayor Bloomberg to start a campaign to BAN BABY STROLLERS. The actor currently resides in Brooklyn with girlfriend Sunny Ozell and there’s a particular area of his neighborhood that he want to make off limits to pramulators.


“I think we are probably the only residents of Park Slope who don’t have a stroller,” the 73-year-old X-Men actor told the Intelligencer on Thursday.

“I’m actually beginning a campaign — well, I actually began it with Mayor Bloomberg — about banning strollers.”
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SHOCK: FOX Lied About Wolverine Differences

When a pirated copy of Fox’s “Wolverine” hit the net, Fox CEO Tom Rothman promised the finished version would be light-years better and also, 10 minutes longer.  Early reports from clock-watchers who have actually seen the final version, in the theater, are foot-stomping that the film is the same length.  Could it be that Rothman lied about the extra footage in an effort to fool you out of your hard earned extra dollars and in to the theater?

Most people (who cared) had a glimmer of hope the extra footage would in fact be there; mostly because of scenes that were absent from the web-released version that did appear in the widely released trailers (In one we see Wolverine carting his gal pal around on the beach) however, those scenes are NOT in the final cut.

If you’re keeping score, here are the differences…  Minus final music and CGI effects the movie is the same.  There are actually claims the workprint may be better!
In reference to a scene with Patrick Stewart, who is digitally enhanced in the finished version.  I think that maybe the bootleg is simply better because you don’t have to pay to see it…