Tenured Oakland University Professor CHARGED With Running DRUG HOUSE

Oakland University professor, Joseph Schiele, is accused of running a drug house, providing drugs such as marijuana and ketamine to students, and a felony firearm charge.

Schiele, who has been a professor at OU since 2004, has been placed on paid leave, after charges were brought against him. A “review” of the professor in 2015 on “RatemyProfessor,” noted: “Basically absent and tried to run the class completely remote control. Was very inconsistent with requirements. Syllabus stated one requirement but his examples of good work were 4X the requirement. Responses to the many questions due to his lack of direction were delayed if answered at all. Is a detriment to the Oakland MBA program.”

According to WDIV, tips had been accumulating since January 2016, including a 22-year-old female student who told the court she had visited “at least 30 times” for visits including alcohol, cocaine and ketamine. A 19-year-old student said Schiele provided him with alcohol, marijuana and ketamine. Continue reading

Hobbit Actor Who Plays Azog Arrested in San Antonio

Actor, Manu Bennett, best known for his portrayal of the gladiator Crixus on Starz series “Spartacus” and Azog in the “Hobbit” movies, was arrested early Sunday morning in San Antonio, TX.

Bennett, who was also in the TV series “Arrow” where he played the deadly character Deathstroke, was no match for San Antonio police who arrested the actor Sunday morning following an altercation.

Manu Bennett arrested mugshot

Few details are available, but according to arrest records with the Bexar County Magistrate’s Office, and local media, the 45-year-old actor was charged with Continue reading

Former Miss Nevada USA ARRESTED Over METH

Katherine Nicole Rees, a former Nevada beauty queen who was stripped of her Miss Nevada USA title in 2006 over racy photos that emerged, has been arrested and charged with allegedly selling and possessing methamphetamine, aka meth.

The beauty queen was charged Monday with four felony drug charges, including selling meth to an individual and possessing 5.3 grams of the drug.

Katherine Nicole Rees 3

Rees, 30, was also arrested in 2008 after supposedly roughing up a cop who pulled her over for a traffic violation, she paid fines for several misdemeanor traffic violations after resisting arrest charges were dropped. Continue reading

MI Teen Arrested HALFWAY THROUGH Shaving Head To Disguise Himself

A Holland Michigan teen is facing felony charges for attacking his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend with a baseball bat and pick axe.

19-year-old Codi Antoniello was in the process of shaving his head in order to change his appearance when cops showed up and took him into custody.

Codi Antoniello shaves head

Antoniello, of Holland City, and a 16-year-old teen from Holland Township, were charged with first degree home invasion and felonious assault.  Continue reading

Who Is Alysa Bathrick? And Why Did Her MUG SHOT Go Viral?

What is the world coming to when a pill-pusher can become “Miss popular?” Meet Alysa Suguro Bathrick, the young woman arrested for slinging Xanax whose self-released mug shot then went viral.

Bathrick lives in North Carolina, and now has a date with a judge, oh, and she also has garnered 2,500 Twitter followers since her arrest.

Alysa Suguro Bathrick 6

In the tradition of Jeremy Meeks, let’s hope Bathrick also fades back into obscurity.

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Todd English Celebrity Chef DUI MUGSHOT

Todd English, a celebrity chef, was arrested after being pulled over for DUI in the Southamptons.

English, 54, was arrested Sunday morning shortly after 3:30 a.m. and was later held at the Southampton Town Justice Center.

Todd English mug shot

Multiple reports say the author and television star posted $1,500 bail and was later released. In his mug-shot, English stays away from any smirks or smiles as he wears a simple blue T-shirt. English is well-regarded in the culinary community. Continue reading

Willie Nelson Daughter Posts HER OWN Mug Shot On Facebook

Paula Nelson, 44, posted her very own red eyed mug shot to her band’s Facebook page along with the following comment on the legalization of pot:


“I want to make sure that everyone knows i am not bad mouthing the officers involved in my arrest.

I know they were just doing their jobs.. And they were very nice about it.. It would have been better had they smiled and let me go on my way home. But they don’t make the laws. That is where we come in.. Speak up on ‘Legalizing’ where it counts the most in your state.

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GEORGE ZIMMERMAN ARRESTED! No bond status. Accused of pointing shotgun at his current girlfriend. Barricaded himself in home while the woman was forced outside. The woman met police outside the residence and provided them a key. Police entered, pushing barricaded furniture away and gained entrance to the dwelling. George was unarmed at that time and taken into custody without incident.


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