Jennifer Lawrence On Her Knees Again

Jennifer Lawrence has a habit of falling on red carpets, and her latest event was no exception.

J.Law took a tumble, this time during her red carpet appearance at the Madrid premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 on Tuesday.

Jennifer Lawrence Neckbrace

Lawrence’s red carpet fall is just the latest of many high-profile tumbles, including the 2013 Oscars fall that started it all. That’s not to mention her red carpet fall at the 2014 Oscars. h/t mashable Continue reading

Game Of Thrones Natalie Dormer Scores GQ Spread

She charmed her way into marrying the guy on the throne on Game of Thrones. Meaning?


This year’s got even more in store for Natalie Dormer than last, when she brightened our movie/TV machines without rest.

In 2014, there’s a whole new slate of big roles, including the Hunger Games finale. Get ready for our favorite royal to go punk rock.

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