Game Of Thrones Natalie Dormer Scores GQ Spread

She charmed her way into marrying the guy on the throne on Game of Thrones. Meaning?


This year’s got even more in store for Natalie Dormer than last, when she brightened our movie/TV machines without rest.

In 2014, there’s a whole new slate of big roles, including the Hunger Games finale. Get ready for our favorite royal to go punk rock.

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Jennifer Lawrence Goofing On Nicki Minaj?

I can’t figure out what the folks over at SNL did to Jennifer Lawrence’s pictures! In one she looks like Nicki Minaj, in another one she looks like a human Barbie doll and none of them look like her…

Case in point, Jennifer Minaj… Did Lawrence try to re-create Nicki’s signature pout?


Jennifer Lawrence starring in “The Human Barbie doll, the girl with no soul in her eyes.”


In the picture above you’ll notice that little star mark thingie is on the right side of Jennifer’s face, conversely, in the picture below it’s on the left hand side, so did the photographer reverse the star or the actual picture? If he reversed the picture that could explain why Jennifer looks so different.


The artists over SNL usually do a pretty good job with the stills, however this is not their best work.

source gotceleb

Jennifer Lawrence Starring in Roots

We know one thing for sure, Jennifer Lawrence is a natural tow head! Proof positive as it seems The Hunger Games actress is letting her natural lighter hair color grow back after going brutally brunette for a only short period of time…

Jennifer_Lawrence_Candids_-14-560x713When Jennifer very first went brunette I noted how much it made her look like actress Juliette Lewis!

Jennifer_Lawrence_Candids_-19-560x768I’m not sure if I get this open-back shirt… Is it some kind of bikini or tights?


Jennifer can change her hair color all she likes as long as she she doesn’t chop it short like Miley done did