FBI: John Boehner’s Bartender Plotted To Kill Him

John Boehner’s former bartender, Michael Robert Hoyt, has been indicted for threatening to poison the Speaker to death by spiking his drink, or shooting him to death.

Hoyt, 44, was indicted on January 7, for threatening to murder the Republican Speaker of the House in October of last year, according to the FBI. Hoyt cooked up the idea while working at Wetherington Country Club in West Chester, Ohio. The club, in which Boehner is a member, calls itself, “one of the most prestigious full-service private clubs in Cincinnati.”

Michael Robert Hoyt Boehner Bartender

Hoyt told officers that Boehner had been “mean to him at the country club,” but also claimed to somehow be Jesus Christ, and accused Boehner as being responsible for the deadly Ebola virus: Continue reading

Chris Christie Smokes John Boehner

Holy smokes! This guy doesn’t mince his food or his words! Chris Christie leveled House Speaker John Boehner citing Congress’s decision to punt the Hurricane Sandy relief bill down the field.


Here are just some of the highlights:

* “66 days and counting. Shame on you. Shame on Congress.”

* “Unlike people in Congress, [governors] have actual responsibilities.”

* “[Boehner] hasn’t lost all credibility, but right now I think what happened last night was absolutely uncalled for. And I’ve been given no credible reason why.”

* He referred to “the Speaker’s irresponsible action in not moving on anything.”

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