Sad Grandfather Internet Sensation After Grandkids Skip Dinner Receive Death Threats

Six grandkids have become the internet’s most wanted fugitives after a photo went viral of their grandfather, PaPaw, looking disappointed after they skipped a dinner he prepared especially for them.

Kelsey Harmon, a college student from Oklahoma, who did show up to PaPaw’s dinner, tweeted the photo Wednesday, saying:

papaw dinner grandkids

“Dinner with papaw tonight…he made 12 burgers for all 6 grandkids and I’m the only one who showed. (crying emoji) love him,” and Twitter users went crazy. Continue reading

Husband Of Missing Teacher Shelley Mook ARRESTED Attempted MURDER

Tyler Mook, husband of missing Bedford County teacher Shelley Mook, was arrested and charged with attempted murder after he tried to kill his girlfriend in Florida.

Tyler Mook is accused of trying to push his girlfriend off a boat and trying to drown her.

Shelly Mook tyler

Tyler Mook was first arrested for domestic assault but then his brother Andrew Mook told police following an argument, Tyler tried to rip off his girlfriend’s bikini top, threw her into the water and then followed her in. Continue reading

Colorado Theater Shooter To Be Slayed In Court Monday

The shooter behind the Colorado movie massacre, already has a date scheduled for his first appearance in court.

This week, killer James E. Holmes will have to show up in court Monday July 23, for an initial advisement. We’re guessing the judge won’t be easy on the clown-haired punk.

It is said that his trial could be a long few months away, but with all the media attention, it could be sooner for the sake of getting him punished A.S.A.P.!

Maybe they should publicly tar and feather him first like the old days!?