Drudge Report Poll Results ‘Who Won GOP Debate’

Matt Drudge‘s trusty, (and proven accurate,) poll results on who won the 10th Republican Debate are here and the results are nothing short of shocking, not. (We are conducting our own poll on Twitter. Go here to vote now!)

According to the early poll results, no candidate dramatically closed in on the seemingly insurmountable lead of frontrunner, Donald Trump, who has amassed a commanding lead, garnering 66% of the vote.

drudge report poll gop debate

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Drudge On Twitter: Delegate Tally Looks Like Drudge Report Poll!

Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report mocked the establishment by comparing a chart polling Donald Trump’s strong victory in the South Carolina presidential primary with that of his own Drudge Report poll.

“OMG!” Drudge wrote on Twitter, captioning a graphic of the current delegate tally in the Republican presidential primary.


“Looks like the latest DRUDGE REPORT poll results! How can that be?” Continue reading

Drudge Report GOP Poll Results Are In And You Won’t Believe Who’s Winning

GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump may have bolted on the last in a series of 7 Republican debates in the hunt for the presidency, but that didn’t stop the billionaire builder from coming out on top on a trusty Drudge Report poll.

Although he wasn’t even present, Trump scored the top spot on Matt Drudge‘s poll on “Who’s Your Pick For President” – clocking in a whopping 53 percent of the vote.

trump debate

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MATT DRUDGE: America Has Been Arming ISIS

Matt Drudge from the popular news aggregator, Drudge Report, tweeted the potentially shocking revelation that America is arming ISIS.

The tweet is believed to be a preview to an upcoming blockbuster story that claims the US has in fact been funding arms for the terror network.


A shocking truth is unfolding: America has been arming ISIS… Continue reading

Drudge Report Early Poll Results In: Who Won The GOP Debate?

So here we go again! And when we say “again” we mean Donald Trump is again the clear (early) winner of the ever trusty Drudge Report snap poll.

Other mentionables include Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Jeb Bush needed a strong showing tonight, however, according to Drudge’s polling numbers, that did not happen.

gop debate fox business

If you’re wondering, Ted Cruz got the most air-time at just over 13 minutes. Continue reading

Drudge Report Poll Results: Who Won The Dem Debate?

The early results are in, and Bernie Sanders has come out the clear winner, according to the trusty Drudge Report poll.

Drudge, who conducts a poll of his readers for both Republican and Democratic debates, shows Sanders with a commanding lead of over 54 percent.

drudge report debate poll

Hillary came on a surprising fourth place, garnering only 6 percent of the vote. Continue reading