‘We Believe The Women’ Chant Breaks Out At Bill Cosby Concert

Several audience members attending Bill Cosby‘s performance in Canada stood up and started chanting “we believe the women.”

It was Cosby’s third and final performance of a Canadian tour Friday night.

Katherine McKee bill cosby

The hecklers then marched out of the theater as the 77-year-old comedian asked his audience not to react. Continue reading

Louis C.K. Judd Apatow To TMZ: Remove HURTFUL Tracy Morgan Crash Video

Funny man Louis C.K. and blockbuster director Judd Apatow have demanded Harvey Levin and his TMZ remove footage they obtained of the accident aftermath that critically injured Tracy Morgan and took the life of fellow comedian James “Jimmy Mack” McNair.

The video depicted Morgan being dragged from the twisted wreckage by civilians who first arrived on-scene.

tracy morgan june 6

C.K. and Apatow made their pleas after Krizya Fuqua, the daughter of Fuqua, requested that the site remove images of her critically injured, unconscious father being pulled from the mangled limo bus the comedians were traveling in. Continue reading

Comedian Finds COKE in Heckler’s Coat Pocket

I got to tell you guys up front, I’m not 100% sure if this was a set up or not. If it was planned in advance, the comedian does a good job of hiding that fact. As you’ll see in the video, the comedian asks who belongs to the coat in the empty seat in the audience, seems the woman’s husband is in the restroom. That’s when the comedian puts on his coat and find cocaine in the pocket!

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Jamie Kennedy is Dating Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jamie Kennedy just confirmed on the Ryan Seacrest Show that he is in fact dating Jennifer Love Hewitt. If you didn’t already know, Jamie and Jennifer are both on Ghost Whisperer! She ALSO just RECENTLY ended her engagement in January with that hot Scottish actor Ross McCall.

I think Jennifer needs Jamie! He’s so free spirited and funny. She could use an example like Jamie to loosen up herself. Then she might be in everyone’s ‘cool’ book again!