Coast Guard Picks Up Blood Sample From Carnival Magic Ebola Patient

The Coast Guard helicoptered to the Carnival Magic to retrieve a blood sample taken from a Dallas health care worker who is aboard a cruise ship and being monitored for signs of Ebola.

The Coast Guard crew flew the helicopter Saturday to meet the Carnival Magic crisis team and lower a basket of unknown supplies. The woman exchanged her blood sample, which was then transported back to a state lab in Austin.

Coast Guard Picks Up Blood Sample From Carnival Magic Ebola Patient

The decision to take the sample was made in coordination with the federal, state and local health authorities.

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‘Parker Lewis Can’t Lose’ Star Seriously Injured In Boating Accident

Corin Nemec — star of the ’90s sitcom “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” was traveling in a boat when it crashed into a semi-submerge barge wow in Belize. The actor was rushed into emergency surgery treated for a shattered leg and significant blood loss.


Nemec says he was on board a Coast Guard vessel in Belize on Saturday morning — on his way to shoot a scene for a movie — when the boat crashed into a semi-submerged barge.

Nemec claims he suffered major injuries in the wreck — and was transported to a nearby hospital for emergency surgery.

The actor — who was working on the SyFy movie “Poseidon Rex” — told a local news reporter, “We hit the sinking barge, and that is what filled the boat to one side immediately with an enormous amount of force, and that threw me into the side of the boat where I shattered my femur in 3 places.”

41-year-old Nemec says the break was so bad, he lost over half the blood in his body — and he required multiple blood transfusions to save his life.

“Everybody onboard that boat, including the gentlemen working for the Coast Guard, everyone is lucky to be alive,” Nemec said. tmz

Get well soon Parker.