Why Are Some Calling This NBA Haircut BAD? We Think It’s Awesome!

We don’t know why some are hating on this dude’s NBA “faces of greatness” haircut, because we think it’s awesome! Borderline ART! Whoever this barber is, he deserves some serious props. In order to agree, you may have to put aside the fact that there was not enough room on this guys noggin to fit your favorite player. Base it solely on the skill of being able to draw a face out of someone’s hair while it’s still connected.

NBA haircut good

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EXCLUSIVE! Taking time from his personal troubles, the drug addicted NBA player Lamar Odom attacked his ex-team, the LA Clippers, by donning this knock off hat reading “Los Angeles CROOKS!” How’s that for subtlety? Well Lamar, they may be crooks but at least they were crooked enough to give your crack smoking ass a chance!

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Public Demands Rutgers Fire Coach Mike Rice After Leaked Player Abuse Video Surfaces

You watch the video of Rutgers men’s head basketball coach Mike Rice and you tell me, should he be fired immediately? Early polling numbers from Bleacher Report says the public wants him gone and pronto… One question, Rutgers didn’t know this was going on? Hmm…uspw_7042988_crop_exact

Let Rice slide 1.9%

Suspend Rice again 1.6%

Fire Rice immediately 96.6%

Total votes: 11,929

Here’s the practice video showing Rice berating, pushing, kicking and using slurs against players.