DECLINED! Miley Cyrus Katy Perry Make Out Mishap

Miley Cyrus made a fool of herself (again,) this time after beckoning Katy Perry over for a french Kiss and getting squarely DECLINED! Ouch! Miley and Perry looked like they would have ended up with a nice friendly and flirty kiss on the lips, that is until Cyrus tilted her head on the ‘I kissed a Girl’ singer..

miley cyrus katy perry kiss2 700x464 DECLINED! Miley Cyrus AGAPE Over Katy Perry Make Out Mishap

Depraved Miley went in for a little tonsil hockey with the “Roar” singer, but after a brief peck, Katy broke it off! Miley seemed destroyed by the move.. Her hungry mouth still a gape..

Click below to view the not-so steamy video..

New Miley Cyrus Pictures

Wow, now Miley is going commando style and just in time for fall. Is it just me or does Cyrus seem to be experiencing some serious mood swings as of late? Be that as it may, Cyrus was photographed today dressed in a plain white tee that is not only revealing but also has holes in it, one hole is very close to her nip and as the pictures show, she is tugging at the shirt over and over to reposition it on her body. Kids today…