Who Is Itai Ozderman? And Did The Washington Post Employee IMPERSONATE An ICE AGENT?

Itai Ozderman, is the Washington Post employee who has been accused of impersonating an ICE agent in Virginia, police say. The Maryland man works in information technology at the Post.

Ozderman, 35, was arrested by Montgomery County Police in February. He was charged with falsely acting as an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agent, who at one point, went on ‘patrol’ while donning a bulletproof vest displaying an ICE placard & a Baltimore County Police Badge.

Ozderman, of Gaithersburg, impersonated an ICE agent on more than one occasion in the Falls Church area, according to police sources and court documents obtained by WJLA. Though court records show Ozderman is facing state charges in Maryland, the FBI was also involved in the arrest and it is not clear if he could also be charged in federal court. Continue reading