Chris Brown and Lil Wayne Under INVESTIGATION Over Ties To Miami LEAN DEALER

In the current week’s procedures, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne were both said as affirmed clients of suspected lean merchant Harrison Garcia a.k.a. Cuban Harry a.k.a. Muhammad A Lean, who is right now on trial confronting five felony offenses. This week’s declarations come amid the trial of the suspected lean merchant Garcia.

On Thursday, amid the third day of declaration, government specialists revealed they are examining a $15,000 wire from Brown to Garcia’s bank account in 2016. Garcia had sent a screenshot of the wire exchange to a female companion, said experts, and he allegedly disclosed to her that Brown’s installment was for “drugs … lean and sh-t.”

Experts likewise uncovered proof of drug related instant messages, recovered from Garcia’s phone, including Lil Wayne. “I’ll shoot u a few trees,” Garcia professedly wrote to a “do-boy,” following with, “It’s for Wayne.” An agent likewise affirmed that Garcia confessed to offering Wayne “a lot of narcotics” upon his underlying capture in October. Continue reading