FAMILY: Bobbi Kristina To DIE Same Day Whitney Died

Sad news as we are learning that Bobbi Kristina will be removed from life support on the same day her mother died, also as a result of drowning in a bathtub, three years ago tomorrow..

On Wednesday, Brown’s family will unplug her life support system to coincide with Whitney Houston‘s death on February 11, 2012.

bobbi kristina will

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FOLLOW THE MONEY: IF Bobbi Kristina Dies, Who Gets Whitney’s $20M?

IF Whitney Houston‘s only child, Bobbi Kristina should pass away, who then is slated to receive the contents of her vast estate, estimated to be worth $20 million?

Houston smartly included a secret provision in her will aimed at revising the distribution of her estate in the event Bobbi Kristina should die.

bobbi kristina  accident scene

Terms of Whitney’s 1993 Last Will & Testament dictate that if daughter Bobbi Kristina “doesn’t survive her,” the estate shall be divided by her mother, Cissy, and other family members. Continue reading

Should We Be Concerned? Mariah Carey Whitney Houston Vocal Fail Comparison

Mariah Carey launched her Elusive Chanteuse Show tour in Japan on Saturday on a sour note, singing, not like an amature, but more like she had no right to be on stage in the first place.

Missing was the singer’s vocal prowess and signature soaring high notes.


Perhaps symbolically, even Mariah’s custom butterfly mic stand broke.

Sure, it could just be the case of an epic off night, or it could be a blaring siren of a bigger issue. With that, we bring you a Mariah Carey Whitney Houston comparison.. Continue reading